How can I contact the Miss California Latina Organization?

You can reach us by calling 916-239-9687
Our email address is:

National Program

Yes. MISS U.S. LATINA™ (originally named “MISS LATINA USA,” changed in a 2001 revision per agreement with Miss USA/Universe Organization) is the first national competition established in the United States exclusively for Latinas leading to an international event.

It continues to be the only pageant whose winner advances to a world competition (MISS AMERICA LATINA DEL MUNDO). It is also the only national Latina pageant in the US that follows traditional pageant guidelines for participants and affiliate preliminary competitions, among which is that delegates may not be married or have children, and only one delegate can represent each state.

Miss U.S. Latina is the most prestigious and famous pageant in the world for Latinas living in the United States, as well as the longest-running (Since 1983).

MISS U.S. LATINA™ and MISS TEEN U.S. LATINA™ and state organizations have preliminary competitions, which are produced by local and state directors. The winner of the city competition goes on to compete in the state event for her home city; state winners go on to the national competition. However, a delegate may enter a state competition without having won a city title, and where there are no state preliminaries, she may apply for her state’s representation as an at-large delegate.

California Program

2008 was the first year that California held it’s state pageant for Miss and Teen California Latina produced by The Gala Company. Prior to this, California was an at large state and delegates were selected though an application process.

In 2013 the Miss U.S. Latina Pageant celebrated its 30th anniversary. MISS TEEN US LATINA™ made its debut in September 2003 in Riviera Maya-Cancun, Mexico.

The mission of the Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina pageants is to empower women of Latin and Hispanic origin living in California and enable them to embrace and showcase their Latin American culture while serving the community.

The Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina pageants provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to take pride in their culture, have a voice in politics, and in-turn, make a difference in the community. The organization provides a forum where the beauty, viewpoints, talents and accomplishments of young Latinas are not only highlighted, but have a purpose.

Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina are the preliminaries to the national Miss Latina US and Miss Teen US Latina, the most prestigious and well-known pageant in the world for U.S. Latinas, as well as the longest-running (since 1983).

Acirema Alayeto established the international MISS AMERICA LATINA DEL MUNDO pageant system to showcase the beauty and culture of Latin American women and to support their personal and professional pursuits, while also contributing to the promotion of tourism and goodwill in the Americas. The Miss California and Teen California Latina established a presence with its productions in 2008 under the helm of Jennifer Rodriguez who established the program into the largest state pageant for Latinas in the country and lead the efforts for ten years.

The Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina will always been held in the state of California. The city will be determined on a yearly biases. The goal is to bring the Miss California Latina pageants to different cities throughout the state of California.

Locations of Past Miss and Teen California Latina

2008 – 2009 Huntington Beach
2010 – 2011 Long Beach
2012-2013 Pasadena
2014 – 2015 Long Beach
2016 -2017 –Torrance

2018 –  Sacarmento

No. The competition is also open to residents of the USA who meet all of the other eligibility requirements.

All contestants will participate in a series of preliminary competitions in personal interview and evening gown.  Teens will also compete in a preliminary Fitness Wear and Miss will compete in swimwear. The top delegates in each division will move on to a final round of competition which consists of the same categories, with the addition of an onstage personal statement.  Please click Judging criteria link for more details.

No, there is no performing talent required.

We make school the number one priority! Our program only encourages your success! Almost all of your appearances, celebrity events, and charity work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance.

Each Titleholder on a state level is awarded cash and prizes from the event’s official sponsors. Note all prizes are listed until after the competition takes place. Please click here for prize list to date.

English and Spanish are the official languages of the program. It is NOT a requirement for contestants to speak Spanish, although it is encouraged.

No. There is no height requirement.